About Caterina

Kathy Green DressCaterina is an author and adventurer. She is passionate about history, music, romance, old languages, and travel. She regularly intertwines these subjects in her writing. She holds a degree in Music Management with a minor in Vocal Performance from Old Dominion University in Virginia and a second B.A. in History with a minor in Italian from the University of Texas San Antonio. Ever a glutton for punishment and a believer in life long learning, Caterina is now obtaining a MA in Public History from Texas State University. While she is a fan of all history, her research interests are primarily in the Ancient Mediterranean, Early Europe (Middle Ages through the Renaissance), Al-Andalus, Berber History, Islamic Civilization, Cultural Heritage and Heritage Politics.  In her humble and biased opinion, modern history is just not as fun as gladiators, emperors, caliphs, queens, knights and kings. She is starting to venture into commodities history due to her obsession with cappuccino and Greek coffee.

Caterina was fortunate enough to receive awards that enabled her to study abroad in Urbino, Italy and Chester, England. She took full advantage of the opportunity to explore Italy, Jersey, Scotland, Wales, and England; conducting boots on the ground research for her coursework and books. When not traveling or studying, Caterina finds time to sing classical music, act, write, paint and fence. She is always up for trying something new so the list of hobbies is ever-expanding.

A self-proclaimed social media junkie, she enjoys meeting new folks and networking. If you would like to contact her or learn more about her and future works, you can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Word Press.


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