The Spirit of Caffe

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Coffee or Caffé as the Italians say has played a large and important role in building relationships and keeping the world moving throughout the ages. Depending on which legend you believe coffee originated in either Ethiopia after a goat herder discovered it or Yemen when a Sheik banished one of his followers who survived on mocha beans. When the exiled man brought his newly discovered warm drink to the sheik as a peace-offering the sheik welcomed him back into the fold and canonized him. Whether it was a goat herder or an excommunicated disciple who discovered the beverage, whoever discovered coffee is more than worthy of sainthood in my book. I would say a novena to them every morning while anxiously awaiting that first sip of a freshly made cappuccino at breakfast.

Both tales state coffee as we know it was given birth in the 13th century then migrated northward…

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